Some specific things Warp can do for you:

  • Linux server installations: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux Enterprise Server or whatever Linux taste you prefer, Warp has thorough experience with various major distributions.
  • Setup of various services: Apache webserver, MySQL Database, Postfix mailserver with Spamassassin and/or other antispam protection, Samba or NFS for fileserving and much more.
  • Securing and finetuning your servers: it happens frequently that servers installed by less experienced system administrators are left with a default or suboptimal configuration. Warp can help you to secure and optimize the configuration.
  • System automation: automate deployment of servers with PXE boot and Ansible. This allows to fully (re)deploy a server and applications in a matter of minutes.
  • Drupal/LAMP scaling and performance tuning: it's not that difficult to build a small Drupal site, but when you want to build more complex sites and scale your Drupal for hundreds of thousands pageviews a day other aspects come into play. Warp can help you to optimize your existing or new Drupal installation for high performance setups.